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Some statistics for the Crusaders team and individual riders from 1969 to 1987

I have taken care to make sure that the stats are correct but inevitably there may be the odd mistake.
please let me know if you find any and I will be happy to correct them.

Team Statistics

Crusaders League Positions

Knock Out Cup

National League Pairs

League Positions

Team Championships

Silver Helmet


Crusaders V The Rest

League of Leagues

Team Trivia. (New)

Rider Statistics
Total Points
Single Season Points
Career Averages

Single Season Averages

Career Maximums

Maximums in a Season.

Rider Averages, By Year. (New)
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Rider Averages, By Rider. (New)
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Ever Present Riders. (New)

Excel file containing all Home and Away Match results 1968 - 1987
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This file was donated to site by Kevin Hammond.

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All credit for these pages goes to Richard Brown. Thanks Richard for all your help.