Silver Helmet  
Crusaders who challenged for and held the Silver Helmet

Year Rider   Opponent
1970 Graeme Smith Lost to Paul O'neal
1971 Graham Banks Beat John Louis
  Graham Banks Beat Alan Wilkinson
  Graham Banks Beat Jim Ryman
  Graham Banks Beat George Major
  Graham Banks Lost to Bruce Forrester
  Ross Gilbertson Lost to John Louis
1972 Graham Banks Lost to Arthur Browning
1973 Barney Kennett Lost to Peter Moore
1975 Les Rumsey Lost to John Jackson
1977 Steve Koppe Lost to Colin Richardson
1978 Les Rumsey Lost to Tom Owen
  Steve Koppe Lost to Tom Owen
1980 Mike Ferreira Beat Bob Garrad
  Mike Ferreira Lost to Paul Woods
1981 Mike Ferreira Beat Steve Lawson
  Mike Ferreira Beat Neil Collins
  Mike Ferreira forfeited title on move to British League Mark Courtney
1983 David Mullett Lost to Keith Millard
1984 Jamie Luckhurst Lost to Bob Garrad
  Jamie Luckhurst Lost to Andy Buck
1986 Paul Evitts Beat Gerald Short
  Paul Evitts Beat Miles Evans
  Paul Evitts Lost to Dave Jessup
  Mike Spink Lost to Andrew Silver
  David Mullett Beat Gordon Kennett
  David Mullett Beat Martin Dugard
  David Mullett Lost to Nigel Crabtree
1987 David Mullett Beat Martin Dixon
  David Mullett Beat Melvyn Taylor
  David Mullett Lost to Nigel Leaver

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