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Below is a letter I received from "Herbie" along with these photographs of Crusader riders in action from the 1980's era.
Herbie sent me these photos through the post. He trusted me scan them for him and put them on this web site.


Please find as promised, some Canterbury Speedway photographs that I have. It's bought back some memories just trying to recall their names, if you look on the back you will see I have put names to faces etc. I am not 100% on all the details but I think you'll find it fairly close.

I never made it to Canterbury until 1971 and seeing the old black and white photos on the site did bring some memories of standing down the back straight with my mates cheering the likes of Barney, Ted and Graham on. I even thought I could smell the Hot Dogs on the corner, with all the smells of the pits drifting over. For a moment I had gone back in time. I even recall that there used to be the same songs played during the two minutes warning, I am sure it was a Carpenters song "Close to you" and one by Nilsson "I Cant live, if living is without you" if I recall. I also remember Johnny Hoskins waving to us in the crowd and the team being paraded around on the tractor. There was another time, it must have been 1972(ish), I was with my mates standing by the pits and I saw Ted Hubbard, I asked if he wanted a lift with all his equipment, he said "yes sure" so I carried his tools in, for me that was just great. Ted said something about his teeth being in the tool box, he said he had fallen while riding and lost some teeth as a result, I am sure he mentioned Toney Davey of Ipswich.

I can still see the likes of Barney, Ted, Ross Gilbertson, Bob Hughs, Dave Godderham, Bob Tabbet, Graham Stapleton, Mike Vernon, John Hammond, Mike Barkaway, Graham Smith, Graham Banks, Les Rumsey and all the other great riders who wore the Canterbury race jacket. Bring it back!

Anyway time went by, I got married and was living in Manchester so I didn't get to see the Crusaders, I had to make do with Belle Vue. Well, my wife and I moved back, so I was lucky enough to see the Crusaders again and that's where these pictures come from. I had two sons by now and they were both getting into it. We didn't stand down the back straight like I used to, but sat in the stands opposite the starting gate. I still went for the Hot Dogs during the interval, but was buying for four now and guess what? They were still playing the Carpenters song! My sons favourite riders at that time were Jamie Luckhurst and Dave Mullet. I bought some photos from the souvenier shop and there was this guy who was who was taking photos to try out his camera, I bought some from him, as well.

Anyway, thanks for letting me waffle on, sorry. But it did play a big part in my life. And a big thank you to you, for what you have created on the web, a chance for all the old fans to remember the good times.


No probems there at all Herbie. Thank you for sending me the information and photos to share with fellow Crusader followers. I only hope this web site brings back memories for a few more "old time fans"
All photos courtesy of Herbie