1968 - 1987   


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I would like to thank the following people for their assistance
in the production of this web site.

Terry Dawtry. For loaning me all the pictures that started the proccess in the first place.
Mark Martin. For sending photos from Australia.
Colin Aris. For the pennants and program pictures
Kevin Hammond. For the Excel file containing all Crusader results. 68-87
Mick. (The Raven.) For promising to contact people and locate pictures and information.
Steve Hone. For the offer of a CD full of Crusader pictures.
Richard Brown For building the statistic pages on this web site and much more assistance.
"Herbie" For sending me some Crusaders photos from the 1980'' era.
Shirley Shilleto For photos of Brendan and other Crusaders people
Bob Wiles For sending info on missing riders names on photos in galleries.
Michael Bunyan For the CD full of photos and other items
Brian Longman For latest photos and crash sequence
To everybody else who will come up with items for inclusion, thanks in advance.

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